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Fireminds offers secure, anytime, anywhere access to your most critical applications and information assets, delivered from our highly available data centers; bringing you the benefits of cutting edge technology without the upfront capital expenditure.

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Fireminds Workspace delivers small and medium-size businesses cloud solutions that reduce or eliminate IT complexity, capital and operating expenses while increasing security and employee productivity.  Fireminds manages the infrastructure, security, maintenance, support, and other high-cost operating expenses which impede on a business’s ability to grow.    

With Fireminds Workspace permanent and temporary users get immediate, anywhere, anytime access to cloud desktops, applications, data, resources or documents via any device. Workspace solutions enable you to centrally roll out Windows 10, Office 365, data storage solutions, and business-critical applications to tens, hundreds, or thousands of users at once; eliminating capital expenses while streamlining the time-consuming process of deploying hardware, setting up rack space, updating and configuring individual devices.    

  • Anytime, anywhere access to desktops, apps, data, and documents
  • An optimal user experience to any device over any network
  • Secure control of your company apps, desktops and data – either in your datacenter or any cloud
  • Up-to-date security and compliance
  • Automated updates reduce maintenance time—you’re always on the latest version 
  • Centralized management and upgrades of desktops and applications
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery enhancement
  • Fastest way to adopt enterprise-level technology with minimal capital expenditures, and little-to-nothing to install


Reduce IT Complexity

Concerned about the high cost of experienced staff to manage the datacenter? With Fireminds Workspace, the service provider handles all of that, allowing your business to deploy experienced staff elsewhere as well as avoid expensive external consultants. All services — including maintenance, software updates and backup for the virtual desktop infrastructure — are managed in the cloud by Fireminds. Once the system is ordered and configured, existing IT staff can focus on other issues.

Reduce Capital and Operating Expenses

Predicting the fluctuating costs of your business IT expenditures can be a budgetary challenge. If a server fails, a department suddenly asks for new software, or bandwidth demands increase beyond expectations, computing costs can soar unexpectedly. Workspace brings a predictable utility-based monthly pricing model that eliminates fluctuations in computing costs — including maintenance. 

Increase productivity

No more restrictions updating PCs - with Fireminds Workspace you can roll out new applications anytime. With easy onboarding through the cloud, every user can be set up quickly at any time. Whether users are on Macs, PCs, iPads, tablets or Google Chromebooks, they can run virtually any app, anywhere, anytime through Workspace.

Eliminate Security and Performance Concerns

Established cloud service providers like Fireminds provide security expertise.  Fireminds can provide a more secure environment for applications and data than most small and medium size businesses, with security controls that meet or exceed standards.

One more reason that security is enhanced with desktop virtualization virtual desktops: only images, not data itself, are sent to end-user devices. Because data and applications are stored in the cloud or the corporate datacenter, not on the devices, users are removed as a potential security breach.

Businesses can also remove disaster recovery and business continuity for the back-end virtual desktop infrastructure from the budget — Fireminds Managed IT services cover that. The infrastructure is securely protected, updated and backed up following rigorous industry best practices.



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