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Software Development / E-Government

Software Solutions that Deliver Results for the Public Sector

We deliver software solutions for your organization in C#, SQL, SSRS, PowerBI, and SharePoint with a track record for delivering enterprise solutions for the public sector.

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When you have the right technology, you can make informed decisions backed by reliable and valuable data. In the public sector, our e-government solutions have helped enhance the delivery of services with greater efficiency, transparency, and participation.

With an ongoing global effort to modernize operations and focus on client ecosystems and experiences, citizens now expect government and public-sector agencies to provide excellent services promptly. It's no longer the domain of private industry, app stores, start-ups or retail offerings. Citizens have high expectations of their local governments. They expect government and public agencies to deliver technology and services on par with, if not better than, the private sector. Fireminds e-Government and public-sector solutions empower local agencies to provide on demand information; making it easier for citizens to engage with government agencies, all while significantly reducing operational costs and increasing workforce efficiency.

Having developed and implemented multiple public-sector and government software projects ensuring business automation, we pride ourselves in offering bespoke, completely scalable and customizable software and application development. To date, our solutions have included supplementing in-house resources in the delivery of discrete project components and integration of the latest technology with existing enterprise and cloud infrastructures

The cost and process of collecting census data can be astronomical and overwhelming for cities or countries with limited budgets and resources.  Fireflow E-Census program provides government agencies with significant cost saving and effective means of gathering census data.  The service allows for online completion of a census and delivers a full back-end workflow that provides comprehensive reporting, statistical analytics and simple integration to leading databases, and help desk applications.

Designed for high volume package handling, FireflowE-Track solution delivers Post Offices and Freight Forwarders a centralized end to end package tracking portal that provides anytime visibility on package delivery status. The integrated package calculator and Twilio automated notifications keep customers informed and up to date so they can rest easy with confirmation of exact shipping costs and when the package will arrive.

When airport capacity and traffic spike, pressure builds on all departments of the airport operations; keeping passengers up to date with timely information becomes crucial. For Every airport – regardless of size – keeping all parties informed is key to creating a seamless travel experience. Disseminating flight status information to passengers as early as possible through all viable channels (mobile, web, terminal displays, SMS and more) is critical as airports and airlines strive to execute operations.

Fireflow E-Fly airport information portal provides a real-time and action-orientated picture of all flights arriving and departing, along with a clear understanding of the impact that delays will have, allowing airports to plan accordingly and operate more efficiently.

Payment systems are a vital part of the financial infrastructure of a City State, or Country. Collecting payments with the least possible effort and most cost-effective process is vital to revenue generation and infrastructure improvements. Fireflow E-Payment provides an online multi-currency payment solution and international credit card processing system for government agencies, merchants, banks and partners all over the world. Our solution allows agencies to collect taxes, invoices, tickets, fines and any other form of payment due.

Our highly secured payment system is PCI compliant payment which includes pre-authentication services, 3-D Secure™ payer authentication and other risk management solutions.

Attorneys and the Legal community are challenged with keeping up with case management and changes in annual laws: new, consolidated, repealed, and legislations and regulations. The old method of building legal cases and the collection of legal records is inefficient; To meet this challenge Fireflow works with Attorney General offices to build centralized repositories of information and an archive of records that are critical to the everyday needs of the legal community.

Fireflow E-Laws Portals digitize and modernize the method of accessing legal information, records and building cases, significantly reducing the cost, time and effort of the legal community.

Empower your community and enhance the economic stability of a region. Provide job seekers direct online access to employment opportunities and simplified job posting to employers. Fireflow E-Workforce Portal provides comprehensive reporting, integrates Immigration work permits and a fully automated workflow approval process.

Fireflow E-Vote voter registration platform, E-Vote provides a simple solution for modern voter registration. Since its inception, the platform has become a trusted resource with a proven track record of accessibility and the highest security. The platform allows political parties to access non-sensitive registrant data via a customizable dashboard, and tracking options such as name, address, city/town, gender, age, etc.

In planning something as important as the development of the tourism industry within a region or specific destination, it is vital that decisions are based on scientific data. Fireflow E-Tourism data collection and analytics solution provides local tourism authorities with a full insight into all incoming visitors. E-Tourism is fully integrated visitor data card tracking solution and reporting engine links data with passport information from Border Management Systems; providing in-depth analytics that can assist in tourism planning, marketing, and targeting potential visitors.

Creating a simple, convenient and attractive environment for entrepreneurs is something that every government and state strive to achieve. To assist governments in economic development, the modernization of operational workflows and reporting, Fireflowhas developed a customized Business Registration & Reporting Portal for regulated and non-regulated entities such as: law firms, insurance companies, trust companies and companies that are looking to startup a business.

Fireflow E-Regulate reduces the red tape and makes starting a company quick, fast and easy. Efficiency is achieved by the companies and the State, as all annual corporate financial reports are submitted through the portal, reducing the amount of paperwork required and easing the burden on the Government Business Registration Agency by digitalizing the electronic transaction and submission of documents.

The last thing an insurance company, bank, financial service provider or business wants to do is spend days or weeks manually filling online financial and regulatory forms. With Fireflow E-filing application the mundane process of manually filing regulatory reports is automated. Fireflow E-Filing is a specialized application that allows end-users to import Excel® files for the purposes of generating regulatory reports while simultaneously managing the filing schedule imposed by the relevant supervisory authority.

Today most local and regional healthcare organizations offer patients an option to opt into medical records sharing programs. The program provides hospitals with immediate access to patient history and medical records which can be critical in an emergency. To maintain privacy and stay compliant, healthcare organizations are required to provide a unique patient identifier. The patient identifier is a database that is used to maintain consistent and accurate information about each patient registered by a healthcare organization.

Fireflow E-Health offers a highly secured patient indexing and digital warehousing solutions that rapidly creates databases using the randomized unique identifiers. The database also houses secondary patient information for each record such as name, date of birth, gender, race, social security number, place of residence, email address and phone number. This information provides a clear and complete view of an individual patient, as well as a large-scale view of the demographics with which a healthcare organization is working.

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