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Jamaica crowned FIREMINDS RAN 7’s champions as Rugby emerges victorious in the first international event post Pandemic.

Jamaica crowned FIREMINDS RAN 7’s champions as Rugby emerges victorious in the first international event post Pandemic.

Rugby is all about people – the special bond between players, coaches, spectators and most importantly the rugby community. As we emerge from the pandemic, events like the Fireminds RAN 7s remind us of how important community gatherings are and how exciting it is to reconnect with our international counterparts and friends.

We would like to thank Rugby Americas North and the Turks and Caicos RFU for their passion, dedication, expertise, and innovation in organizing this terrific rugby spectacle; they share our vision in connecting this region and growing the sport. At Fireminds, we value long term relationships with our customers and partners, offering support and service throughout their technological evolution. Together we will share our passion for rugby, our values and engage with new rugby enthusiasts in this region.

We would like to congratulate Jamaica on playing some tantalizing rugby in a dominant display going unbeaten over the two days to become Fireminds RAN7s champions. For all the teams competing in the tournament, there was an emphasis on youth playing exciting fast rugby mixed in with some seasoned older heads using every trick in the book to find an advantage for their team. There were some truly epic duels, Bermuda vs Barbados was a titanic battle. Guyana (The green machine) scored some outrageous long range tries and Jamaica and Mexico’s class and guile was matched by the emerging talent in Curacao and Belize that showed that they deserve their place at the table. BVI showed immense grit and the hosts Turks & Caicos gave the buoyant home crowd a lot to cheer on!

Rugby as ever, captivates audiences across our region. The appeal of the game, coupled with the community spirit that only exists in our region is the reason Fireminds decided to partner with Rugby Americas North on this flagship competition, celebration of the sport and the reemergence of the game post the pandemic restrictions. As 2021 draws to a close, we hope the pandemic truly subsides in our region and events like this weekend can happen at full capacity with no restrictions and that we can see the women’s and youth teams rejoin the circuit.

Thank you to everyone associated with the Fireminds RAN7s and congratulations to the champions Jamaica, runners up Mexico, third place Barbados and Shield champions Curacao. Fireminds is already in talks with the home nations and Rugby Americas North on upcoming and future events as this amazing sport flourishes in our region!