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In the Community

Company / In The Community

Serving Communities, Supporting People

We believe community service is key to social enterprise. We focus our efforts in three key areas:

  • Technology and Youth
  • Performing Arts and Youth
  • Job Creation

We are also currently providing charitable support to a number of organizations, including:

  • Ewan Sampson Scholarship Trust
  • WindReach
  • Teacher's Rugby Bermuda
  • RAN
  • End to End Bermuda

Supporting Youth

Our CEO Michael Branco was named Technology Mentor of the Year in Bermuda in 2012 for his efforts in supporting technology and youth.

We also provide the Bermuda Intern Program, which gives recent university graduates with degrees in computer science or software development the opportunity to gain real-world experience at our company. The program is an intensive 6-month experience that includes help desk, IT support, software development, project management, and business analysis work.