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Delivering End-To-End IT Solutions

We are a technology service provider, specializing in robust and innovative delivery of secure IT solutions to solve your most complex business challenges.

Our solutions are tailored and simplified to your needs and apply across all industries and markets.

With locations across North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America, we work to serve companies of all sizes to deliver simple, affordable, and relevant solutions.

As a native digital transformation company, we understand customer's business and needs, facilitating the IT transformation journey roadmap. Our solutions bring together cloud, software development and IT consulting to drive meaningful changes with a strategic vision for the future, and strive to provide simple, efficient and secure IT solutions that enable a robust and stable environment.

We value long term relationships with our customers and partners, offering support and service throughout your technological evolution.

Supporting Your Growth and Goals

Our mission is to enable universally-available IT solutions to your users to help improve business functions and productivity while removing complexity in the workplace. Our experience and focus on customer is helping us become a recognized technology provider in multiple regions, supporting your goals and growth by leading innovative and impactful digital journeys.

  • Software Development
  • IT Consulting

Complexity Simplified

Over our history we have always solved complex problems for our customers and more than ever as the world becomes more complex, Fireminds solutions are key to success. We are solution orientated, understanding the problem, bringing the right technology tools to bear, and delivering for our customers. From our employee training to our overall approach, it's all about simplifying complexities in the workplace for every customer.

Strong Leadership

We are a lean organization, allowing us to respond quickly to your immediate needs, while also generating a diversity of ideas and approaches.


Everything we do is about our customer, we partner with our customer long term to become a critical component of their growth and success, working collaboratively to help them achieve more through our technology solutions.

Areas of Operation

Fireminds Offices Headquarters
1st Floor, ATN Bermuda Hub
30 Victoria Street, Hamilton, HM 12, Bermuda

Fireminds Canada
5110/5112 Prince Street, 3rd floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1L3, Canada

Fireminds Operations US, LLC
400 Northridge Rd, Suite 1100. Atlanta, GA 30350

Fireminds Miami
1200 Brickell Ave. Miami, Fl 33131 Suite 800

Strategic Partners Offices
One Communications: Bermuda

Logic: Cayman
Viya: USVI
Gtt: Guyana
Choice & Geoverse: US

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Our people and their stories are what make Fireminds what it is. Technology provides the foundation; our people lead the way.

Meet The Team


If you are eager to grow and learn new skills, we have a number of exciting opportunities available. We empower our employees to take ownership over their careers and make the most out of the professional development we provide.

 Our employees receive thorough training and auditing using SOC2 certification. Our culture supports individuals, encouraging all to express ideas and contribute to the overall growth of our company.

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In the Community

Serving Communities, Supporting People. We believe community service is key to social enterprise. We focus our efforts in three key areas:

  • Technology and Youth
  • Performing Arts and Youth
  • Job Creation
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