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We deliver innovative technology solutions

Fireminds is an international technology consulting firm serving clients in Bermuda, Caribbean, LATAM, and North America. Fireminds has nearly 50 employees based in Bermuda, Canada and Europe organized into two divisions, software development and cloud solutions. This unified team delivers solutions utilizing software developers and IT engineers from both divisions, providing a one stop shop for our client’s IT needs.

Our software development team delivers enterprise software development and integration between multiple software solutions. Our software team has expertise in C#, SQL, SSRS, PowerBI and SharePoint with a track record for delivering enterprise solutions for Financial Institutions, Insurance, Mid-market businesses and Public Sector. Within the software team our web developers provide websites and portals with responsive designs utilizing PHP, HTML5 and Angular. In addition, our team can develop mobile applications for enterprise and consumer needs plus leverage our expertise in ecommerce.

Our IT Operations team delivers IT solutions which are hosted in Fireminds Data Centers in Bermuda and Canada in combination with Microsoft Azure Cloud, leveraging MPLS network solutions for our international clients. Our managed services team provide on-site and remote support, proactive monitoring, 24 x 7 help desk, IT security solutions, enterprise network implementations, server and storage infrastructure builds and management.

Multi-award winning, Fireminds has been recognized as Microsoft Partner of the Year two years in a row, two-time winner of IT Support company of the year in Bermuda, top technology and third best employer in Bermuda, and over eight Bermuda Government TechAwards and nominations. Fireminds operates at the intersection of software development and cloud, providing customers innovation technology solutions to run their businesses.




An international team based in Bermuda, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia to deliver innovative, global IT solutions for your corporation.

A suite of project management tools for control and delivery of your IT solutions to meet the demands of your company’s growth.

Award winning 24 x 7 customer care, account management and project management to ensure delivery of robust technology solutions.

IT Solutions built on best practices, including IT security, disaster recovery, performance management, extensibility and usability.

Subject matter expertise in technology solutions for Finance, Re-insurance, Government, Retail, Legal, Offshore, B2B and B2C.

A company focus on technology innovation, solution finding and putting the customer first.


    Fireminds has extensive experience in developing websites for companies to suit a number of needs including:
    Brochure websites, Content Management Systems, Ecommerce Shopping Carts

    Fireminds works in a number of technologies including:
    Joomla, Word Press, VevoCart, .NET

    In addition, Fireminds provides webmaster services for a number of large companies, making regular updates to their websites and social media channels.


    Fireminds has extensive experience in building mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.


    Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).


    Fireminds has expertise in software and application development utilizing a wide range of technologies including C#, .NET, Java, PHP, SQL, MySQL, Apple iOS Mobile Apps and SharePoint to name a few. >br />
    Fireminds manages its software projects using the xP Agile methodology, utilizing story cards to capture required features and weekly iterations for rapid, on-track development.


    Since 2007, Fireminds has completed several successful SharePoint projects including:
    - Financial Institution Intranet
    - Bermuda Airport Website (
    - Bermuda Laws Website (
    - Bermuda Post Office (
    - Package Tracker System
    - Portal for the regions top Family Office

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