Fireminds has developed a new cloud product that uses Microsoft’s “hyper scale cloud service”.

The platform is called Desktop Service, and has been developed by the Bermuda-based IT firm. It can run on Apple, Android and PC systems.

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Explaining the service, Michael Branco, chief executive officer of Fireminds, said: “You log in and your desktop appears. In this ‘bring your own device’ world, you are better off having a virtual desktop. It is as if you are looking through a piece of glass on your device at your desktop.

“Your data never leaves the cloud. All your applications, process data, like Office suite, QuickBooks and industry specific applications for legal, finance and reinsurance are available. You do not need a powerful computer and you do not need expensive infrastructure or people to support it.”

Microsoft has data centres in 19 countries, so there is “no issue of sovereignty and clients do not have to be concerned about data being in the US”, Fireminds said in a statement.

The company has been using Microsoft cloud services for four years and was recognised last year as a Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for Bermuda for “demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology”.

Fireminds gives around-the-clock support and monitoring, with 15 staff on the Island to provide on-site support. The company also has support staff overseas in Toronto and Europe.

Mr Branco, who has more than ten years of experience building cloud platforms, said: “An important aspect of this cloud product is that businesses will have a private cloud ensuring security of their important data, they will not be sharing any network with anyone else and the product can be customised to meet the needs of the business.”

“Running systems on a cloud product can save companies tens of thousands of dollars in infrastructure — either in replacements or maintenance.”

He added: “However, we will also run a hybrid version where everything can be on the cloud but also have servers in our Bermuda data centre or at the customer’s office which provides on-Island resiliency.”