Fireminds Cloud Solutions

Fireminds CEO (Michael W. Branco) has extensive experience in building cloud solutions in the Bermuda marketplace. Mr. Branco was the lead architect of the QuoVadis cloud infrastructure in 2005, helping that company enter the cloud hosting business. Mr. Branco was the first in Bermuda to bring private cloud solutions into the market and is still regarded as Bermuda's pioneer for cloud solutions. Mr. Branco's second generation cloud offering was eventually sold to Ignition Bermuda Ltd in 2010 and is now at the core of Ignition's Managed Service.

Fireminds is once again offering the leading edge of cloud solutions with a 3rd generation cloud that utilizes data centers in Bermuda and globally for a robust next generation cloud offering. The new Fireminds cloud utilizes private cloud servers based in Bermuda, synchronized with Microsoft Azure cloud, offering services including

  • Desktop as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Online Backup
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Office 365
  • Cloud Integration

This offering makes hosting less expensive than a Bermuda only solution, but providing all of the benefits of a global cloud (i.e. load balancing, direct connect, AD integration, etc..).


Fireminds Voice & Fax Cloud

Outsourcing your business critical phone and fax systems is easily done with the on-island Fireminds cloud phone system. Based on industry standard Asterisk phone system the Fireminds cloud system has the following:

  • Hosted in Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Data center is a major telecom hub in Hamilton
  • UPS battery & Generator backup
  • Redundant telecoms utilizing networks from Northrock, BTC and Quantum
  • Security escorted access to data center
  • Locked cabinets
  • Clustered PBX servers for fault tolerance
  • Failover capable PRI trunk interface
  • Backup SIP trunks via off-island provider
  • Certified support via Elastix engineers
  • Qualified VoIP engineers on-island

The Fireminds Voice Cloud hosts clients in Bermuda with the following features:

  • Fully function VoIP handsets with speaker phones
  • No need to install telephone lines, all calls work over an internet connection
  • Voicemail to email conversion
  • Voicemail accessible from anywhere
  • Centralized voicemail for your cell phone
  • Direct / Private lines
  • Move existing BTC numbers to the service
  • Ring groups to have main line ring multiple phones at once
  • Follow me options to follow from your office line to your cell phone
  • Fax line with fax to email conversion
  • Auto attendants / IVR options
  • Custom on-hold music
  • Expand / contract extensions as needed

Cloud PBX is a great option to get all the features of a large company phone system for a fraction of the cost.